• Of 12 Million Lumens Exhibition at Newhaven ferry port.

"Quite the most imaginative photographs I have seen for years."

Tony Wilson, former Head of Fine Art Brighton University.

"Really like these. Tasty, a little surreal but familiar."
Keith, Newhaven

"Awesome, awe inspiring, delicious and delicate. The magic of Newhaven captured!"
Lisa Fisher

"I hate you, I have now thrown my camera away!"
Don (actually a very nice guy!)

"Making the mundane and ugly enchanting. Adding a wonderful WOW FACTOR to the future of Newhaven.
Pauline Gower.

"Lifted the spirits - a wonderful exhibition. Thank you for sharing your talents."
Regards, Jon and Anita.

"Just coming in to book a ferry. What a wonderful surprise to find the excellent and inspirational photographs. Aesthetically stunning, exploiting not only view points, composition and lighting but the colours and time/motion aspects are used to perfection.
Really brightened up my day. Being a photographer, I rarely buy photos but if I had more time and space I'd be very tempted."

Colin Chapman

"Beautiful photographs, not sentimentalising the harbour areas but conferring great style on them"
Janet Whitaker

"I can not believe my eyes!"

"Amazing. Inspired me to get my camera out again! Thank you"
Jane, Lewes.